The Battle of Ottogatz : the inspiration book for black boys

Nahomie Acelin is a Canadian author, Certified Coach Practitioner, Speaker, and Sickle Cell Disease Advocate. She has been invited various time as a conference speaker for women and youth conferences in Canada.

In 2020, she released Volume 1 of her superhero children book series called Super Felix Brothers inspired and based on her 3 sons.

She is also the Ottawa-Quebec Regional Team Leader for The Association of Women in Music and Media (WIMM Canada)

As a Certified Coach Practitioner, she is passionate to see people have their “Ah Ah moment” in life and to see people step by faith and become what they are called to be. She is a growth development and leadership coach that want to help people navigate their setbacks, disappointment, break free of personal hurdles and help guide them to step into the greatness that lies within.

She dedicates her life to teach, coach and inspired people to live in their full potential.

However, her greatest joy is being a wife to her best friend and mother to her 3 beautiful sons.

Why the book
MKJ3 is a Canadian family owned entertainment company that focus on inspirational contents to engage kids, expanding their worlds and minds through relevant and fun storytelling. It wasn’t always easy to raise these 3 brothers (Micah, Kiah, Joiakim) in a household where Sickle Cell Disease has a seat at the table, routinely taking their medications and trying to make the best out of it.

Despite the race for a cure they have decided to promote healthy living and turn their situation around. What’s an interesting time we are living now where children’s needs inspirations more than ever.

Also, I wanted to write a book that represented us. My kids love superheroes, but we would never see black superhero book in the library especially in Quebec. Representation is important, particularly in the time we are living now. What was most important for me, was also to advocate for Sickle Cell disease, a disease that affect African decent and it was important to highlight it in the book in a way kids with the disease would understand and see themselves as superheroes.


The book resume
This first comic book entitle “The Battle of Ottogatz” is the first of a series where theses 3 superheroes will have to fight for their life against their arch-enemy Bacteriolos, which is a bacteria who paralyzed the citizens with his sickle causing pains to all. Ottogatz needs our warriors more than ever in a world where fear is taking over, there is always hope with The Super Felix Brothers.

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